Intellectual Property Rights

The Research Cell of M. E. S. College of Arts & Commerce recently organized a workshop for its faculty and post-graduate students on, “Intellectual Property Rights: Ethics in Academic Writing/Avoiding plagiarism and Use of MS Word in academic writing” to foster a spirit of ethical research and critical thinking. Dr. V. Gopakumar, Librarian, Goa University and certified Mendeley Advisor was the resource person for the workshop.

While research is being widely held as the lighthouse of academia, Indian institutions have to be adequately equipped with resources (print and digital) for carrying out a detailed study on any given topic. The workshop led the participants through the ethics of academic writing which largely involves citing the sources and carefully acknowledging the same. Plagiarism which is the bane of many researchers is gradually being tackled by the use of many softwares which detect the source from where the material is cited. Goa University has also employed software to check the authenticity of the theses submitted and hence the level of plagiarism is kept under check.

Alongside plagiarism, the resource person introduced the Medeley software which is a reference management software and researcher network, enabling research work to be organized in a single place. The workshop which also dealt with the effective usage of Microsoft word for research was an immensely useful one to the participants.