Enabling Collaborative action for Responsible Travel in Goa

“Marine Tourism is just beginning to be recognised in Goa and as such will bring in various challenges to overall responsible travel by keeping the conservation agenda intact. Goa can leverage its tourism potential to a different level by focusing on preserving its beauty and natural heritage. We can showcase before the whole world as to how a responsible tourism can preserve  bio-diversity and heritage” said Ms. Puja Mitra founder of  Terra Conscious speaking on  “Enabling  Collaborative  action for Responsible Travel  in Goa” during second monthly lecture in the lecture series  “ Kasturi ’’ organised by  Foundation  for Environment Research and Conservation ( FERC)  in collaboration with Murgaon Education Society on 3rd October 2018. The lecture series “Kasturi” is organised in memory of  Late Dr. Kasturi Narayan Desai, an eminent Botanist and Environmentalist from  PES’s Shri Ravi S. Naik College of  Arts and Science, Farmagudi Goa. The talk was attended by the students of MES College, also students from other colleges of Goa and community members from in and around Vasco area.

Ms. Puja Mitra further emphasised on the role that youth can play in sensitising public about Goa’ marine diversity, wildlife and attitude towards traditional coastal communities. The whole lecture was highly interactive with appropriate demo of model of a Dolphin.

Earlier Mr. Parag Rangnekar of  FERC  welcomed the gathering. MES College students Ms. Preeti Sawant , Ms. Akshada Teli, Ms. NitilaTandel, Ms. Varsha Morajkar and Ms.Deepika Gaonkar presented a Sanskrit Prayer highlighting importance of nature and its conservation.

Mrs. Lalita  Joshi ,Director of Planning and Development, Murgaon  Education Society, presented a potted plant to the guest speaker Ms. Puja Mitra.  Ms. Madhura Bandekar of  FERC gave   concluding remarks.

The third event of  “Kasturi” will be held on 1st November 2018, in the seminar hall of Department of Management Studies , MES College, Zuaringar –Goa which will be a panel discussion on Garbage Management which will be addressed by the experts in the field of  Solid  Waste Management

Ms. Puja Mitra addressing the students and community people