Our People Our World - The Role Of Youth In The Society

“We need to build our own world in which we live. Before being someone we need to be ourselves. The youth of today have to make a conscious shift from I, Me and Myself to we and ourselves. This would mean giving up selfishness, greed and be more open. In the environmental context, if we have to preserve mother earth for future generations, we have to make efforts to preserve it because our forefathers have preserved it for us. None other than youth can do this.”

Dr. Narayan Desai a noted educationist and environmentalist was speaking to the youth and community members on the occasion of inaugural programme of “ Kasturi” a unique initiative by Foundation For Environment Research and Conservation ( FERC) started at MES College of Arts and Commerce, Zuarinagar-Goa, in collaboration with the Nature Club of the college. The foundation has started this programme in memory of late Dr. Kasturi Desai who herself was an environmentalist and researcher.

Mr. Narayan Desai further said that the “ Youth could  achieve the objective of protecting the world in a small way by participating in the democratic process at the village level where village committees have been given huge power by the 73rd amendment to the constitution of India”.

Mr. Umaji Chowgule ,Vice President of  Chowgule  Education  Society as Chief Guest highlighted the importance of Research.

Mrs. Lalita  Joshi ,Director of Planning and Development, Murgaon  Education Society, welcomed the gathering. Mr. Parag Rangnekar of  FERC highlighted various activities under its banner. Ms. Preeti Sawant and Ms. Akshada Teli of BCOM Semester V, presented a Sanskrit prayer on importance of mother nature. Shri. M.S. Kamat , Chairman of  Murgaon Education Society in his presidential address appealed the students to be Optimists.

Principal Dr. R.B.Patil, Chairperson of Nature Club Ms. Shruti B. Nayak and Ms. Shraddha Rangnekar of FERC welcomed the guests by offering them potted plant. Dr. S. Susan Deborah introduced the guests and compered the programme.

On this occasion prizes were awarded to the 3 best entries for “No Straw” Sticker design competition. Following students were the recipients:

Mr. Nikhil Khajnekar and Mr. TukaramShetye of BCOM semester V

Ms. Bharavi Kharangate of BCOM semester III

Ms. Sunanda Biradar of BCOM semester I

In the concluding remarks Mrs. Madhura Bandekar of FERC spelled future programme of “ Kasturi” which included, monthly lecture serieson issues concerning “you and me” on first Wednesday of every month.

The students of the college were given stickers of prize winning entries to be displayed at the prominent places at various related establishments which use straws. At the end of the programme a pledge was administered by Mrs. Madhura Bandekar to the participants that they will refuse to use straws.

Dr. Narayan Desai and Chief Guest Shri. Umaji Chowgule addressing the students, community members