Developing A Healthy Lifestyle : It Starts With Me

The Psychology Department of M.E.S College of Arts & Commerce, Zuarinagar organized an interactive session on the topic ‘Developing a healthy lifestyle: It starts with me’ for the final year students of the college on 24th September 2018.   The resource person was Ms. Sheryl Afonso e D’Souza, a Clinical Nutritionist, and an  Asst. Prof. (Post Graduate Degree Studies) at Carmel College, Nuvem. She stressed that adolescents should develop a healthy lifestyle if they wanted to live a healthy and illness free life in the future. She also emphasized that diet and chronic disease are connected and the causes are excess intake of sugar, salt and fat in our diet. Fast foods are harmful for us she said as they contain cosmetic chemicals. Ms. Sheryl also felt that eating healthy, clean and nutrient rich foods fill our body with energy, nutrients and antioxidants which are necessary for our daily functioning. According to her, the nutritive components of our diet should contain the required amounts of  proteins, vitamins, fats, carbohydrates and  minerals alongwith dietary fibre. She felt that our future health can be predicted by the nutrient density of our diet. Similarly, exercise and adequate sleep are also essential for normal day to day function.

The talk was attended by a large number of  students.  Asst. Prof. Cedila Gomes introduced the guest speaker while Asst. Prof. Sweta Matonkar compeered the program and Dr. Freda Cota e Pereira proposed the vote of thanks