Department of Mathematics & Statistics

Report of Poster Making Competition on the Theme Mathematics in Art & Culture

Department organized Poster making competition on the theme "Mathematics in Art & Culture" for B.Com Semester II , IV and VI students on 08/01/2019. All together 18 teams (each team comprising of 2 participants) participated in the competition.The competition was judged by Assistant Professor Ms. Shveta Desai and Assistant Professor Ms. Soniya Govekar. The competition was organized under the leadership of Assistant Professor Ms. Shruti B. Nayak.

Following  teams  have  been  declared as  winners  for  the  Poster making competition :

1st  prize  : Ms. Simran D’Souza and Mr. Vishal Arondekar of  B.Com  semester  II.

2nd  prize : Ms. Upashree Salaskar and  Ms. Juhi Bugde of   B.Com   semester VI.

3rd prize :  Ms. Ishwari Lingodkar and Ms. Rabia Shaikh of  B.Com  semester  IV.  

Consolation Prizes:

Ms. Sonam Maulankar and Mr. Amey Chandaikar of  B.Com semester IV.

Mr. Kundan Kumar and Mr. Afran Shaikh of  B.Com semester  IV. 


                            1st Prize                                                                      2nd Prize                                                                   3rd Prize