Nature's Club

Beat Plastic Pollution Awareness Drive Phase-I

The Nature Club of MES College in collaboration with the NSS unit of the college, has initiated“ Beat Plastic Pollution” awareness drive from 25/09/2018. As the  inaugural part of the drive , 117 students consisting of Nature Club members as well NSS volunteers organised a rally on the theme “ Beat Plastic Pollution” on 25th September 2018 from 2 pm onwards in the neighbourhood of the college. The students in groups visited stores, hotels, kiosks and also fruit and vegetable sellers. They sensitised the owners and employees of these establishments on the ill effects of  using plastic and suggested them various ways to avoid use of plastic items. The students also put stickers of “ No Plastic Straws” at a prominent place at these establishments with consent of the owners. The  students also used various educative placards during the    process of the rally further supported with appropriate slogans.

Most of the owners of these establishments happily cooperated with the students, minutely listened to them and also gave their feedback.

The awareness drive was organised under the leadership of Asst. Professor Ms. Shruti B. Nayak, Asst. Professor Mr. Seltan Gomes, Asst. Professor Mr. Karun Cherian and Asst. Professor  Ms. Daksha Kunkolienkar.

As a follow up of this on-going activity, the neighbourhood members of civil society will be sensitised during the even semester.



                          Students in rally on “Beat Plastic Pollution"                                                      Students sensitising owner/employee of hotel



                 Students sensitising fruit Seller                                            Students sensitising the owner/employee of  ice cream shop